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At the Military Store, you'll find everything your heart desires: U.S. military, patches, military accessories, radio and communications, collectibles, and more.

  • Military Insignia / Patches

    Military Insignia is more than just a collectible item - it is a part of military history. All offered US military patches are originals from the USA.
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  • Military Communications

    We offer high quality field phones, radio antennas, cables, plugs, handsets, headphones and speakers that work in extreme conditions. Trust us when it comes to military communications!
    Original US military communications 
  • Army Gear

    At Reforger you will find all US military equipment, what makes a collector's heart beat faster: Flashlights, field equipment, military helmets, military care products, military food, military cookware. All original and authentic, from US military stocks.
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Your Online Military Store

Our offer ranges from military radio equipment to Army Surplus field equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, camp beds but also vehicle parts. In addition to an extensive range of products, we always make sure that we can offer our customers products at an affordable price in our US Military Store. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are a competent and reliable partner in the field of US military and army clothing and equipment.

Military clothing

US Dress Uniforms

US Dress Uniforms

Find here Khaki TAN-445 Service Uniforms of the US Army  

Military Badges

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  • M151 Jeep Parts

    M151 spare parts

    We offer genuine M151 replacement parts to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition. With our parts, you can be sure that your jeep will always be on the road.

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  • REO M35 spare parts

    The REO M35 is a legendary vehicle that has been in production for more than 50 years. However, the spare parts are hard to find and expensive. With our wide selection of REO M35 spare parts you can get your vehicle back in shape.

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  • Selection of all military vehicle parts

    With us you will find everything you need for your military vehicle. We have a wide selection of parts and accessories.

    You get from us the highest quality at fair prices.

    Military vehicle spare parts 
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