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Patch, 18th MP Brigade (SSI)

Patch, 18th MP Brigade (SSI)

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Made in USA

Merrowed Edge

Full color embroidered

Description: Embroidered Unit Patch for the 18th Military Police Bde of the US Army.

The authority of law in the military field is in the shoulder insignia of the 18th Military Police Brigade, the unit insignia.

On a shield with a green field and a yellow border - green and yellow are the colors of the military police corps - a sword is wielded over a Roman fascia.

The fascicle is an ancient symbol of a judge's authority to administer justice.

The sword symbolizes the military character of both the laws and their violations and the personnel who enforce them.

  • Size: 7.5 x 5.5cm

The 18th. Military Police Brigade is a subordinate unit of the 21st Theatre Sustainment Command und der United States Army Europe.

The brigade is headquartered in Vilseck.

The brigade has these subordinate units:

  • 709. Military Police Battalion, Vilseck
  • 92. Military Police, Sembach
  • 527th Military Police Company, Hohenfels; Ansbach; Grafenwoehr
  • 529. Military Police (Honor Guard), Wiesbaden
  • 554. Military Police, Stuttgart
  • 615. Military police in Vilseck
  • 15. Engineer Battalion, Grafenwoehr
  • 500th Engineer Company (horizontal)
  • 902nd Engineer Company (vertikal)
  • HHC (Headquarters and Headquarters Company)
  • FSC (Forward Support Company)
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