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Patch, 2nd Infantry Division (SSI)

Patch, 2nd Infantry Division (SSI)

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Shoulder sleeve insignia of the american 2nd war fighter Infantry Division

Item condition: new

Merrowed edge patch

Full color embroiderd

Made in USA

United States Army 2nd Infantry Division, "Idianhead".

Description: The insignia of the 2nd Infantry Division was originally approved for the unit on 6 November 1918

A shield with a five pointed star and an indian head in the center.

WWII Campaigns: During World War II, the division landed on Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944, and broke out of Normandy before moving into Belgium.

The 2nd tenaciously held its position during the Battle of the Bulge, preventing further German attempts to reconquer Belgium.

In March 1945, the unit moved into the interior of Germany and captured the city of Leipzig

On April 19. when the war in Europe ended on May 8, 1945, the 2nd had advanced to Plzen (Pilsen) in the present-day Czech Republic.

  • Motto: second to none
  • Size: 3 1/2" wide, 4 1/4" tall
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