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Badge, CIB 2nd Award

Badge, CIB 2nd Award

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Combat Infantryman Badge

Condition: New

Made in USA

Original US Army Combat Infantry Qualification, 2nd Award

The award can be awarded several times depending on combat missions and builds on one another.

The added stars indicate that the soldier has fought in more than one war.

The first star denotes the second CIB award (second award) for recognition of combat action in the Korean War.

Dduring this time the Heraldic Institute of the U.S. Army also designed CIB designs for an eighth award.

The awards for second through fourth CIB achievements were marked with silver five-pointed stars, with one through three stars centered on the apex of the badge between the tips of the oak leaf wreath; the awards for the fifth to eighth CIB awards were marked with gold stars.

However, the Army Order 600-8-22 (Military Awards) only allows up to three awards from the CIB.

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