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Remote control unit AN/GSA-80-GY

Remote control unit AN/GSA-80-GY

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Very good used condition.

Military Field Telephone Control Unit for AN/PRC

Manufactured by Telemit

Field telephone control unit GSA-80/GY

Description: Remote control unit with which a radio device can be operated using a field telephone (similar to the Control Unit C-2329/GRA-39).

The device can be operated with 12-24V DC (externally or with a battery)


1. Two OB field telephones can be connected to each other via a radio link using two GSA-80/GY.

2. A remote stationary or mobile radio station can be connected to a wired subscriber using the GSA-80/GY.

3. With the GSA-80, two radio stations can be interconnected via a two-wire line to form a field telephone relay station.

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