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Transmitter Mixer Module A50

Transmitter Mixer Module A50

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Module A50

Made in USA

The transmitter mixer A50 only works during signal transmission.

The signal from the VFO transmitter module A38 is routed via the isolation resistor R2 and the coupling capacitor C1 to the base of the transmitter mixer Q1.

The synthesizer VFO output is applied to the base of Q1 through resistor R1 and coupling capacitor C1.

The mixer heterodynes the two VFO signals to form the 11.5mc transmitter IF signal. The 11.5 mc signal is passed through a pi matching network of C3, C4, C5 and L2 to form the 11.5 mc transmit IF output signal to the frequency control module (A31).

  • NSN: 5820-00-832-6227
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