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AN/PRC-90 Survival Radio

AN/PRC-90 Survival Radio

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PRC-90 Search And Rescue Radio Set, inklusive Antenna.

Item condition: Very good, used.

Checked for function.

Made in USA

AN/PRC-90 Military Rescue Radio Set

The PRC-90 is a military portable handheld, survival "SAR" radio that is carried in the emergency vest of army pilots and air crew members.

The PRC-90 can transmit a beacon (attention getting warble tone) on 243.0 MHz. 

Voice on 243.0 or 282.8 MHz and Morse Code in Modulated Continuos Wave (MCW) mode on 243.0. 

It will receive voice on 243.0 and 282.8 MHz. 

The previous frequencies are for Military emergency communications. 

The PRC-90 does not work on the civilian emergency frequency of 121.5 MHz nor does it work on the international distress frequency of 406.025 MHz.

Average battery life is about 14 hours. Radio is equipped with external earphone jacks to assist pilot in hearing radio transmission with helmet on.

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