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Patch, Special Ammunition Support Command

Patch, Special Ammunition Support Command

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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the Special Ammunition Support Command

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Made in USA

United States Army, Special Ammunition Support Command

Criteria: Embroidered unit patch of the SASCOM, insignia made to be worn for military uniforms.

Insignia Description:

On a blue shield 3 inches (7.62 cm) in height and 2 1/2 inches (6.35 cm) in width overall a white disc with scalloped rim containing a red disc with indented rim and centered thereon a yellow four-pointed star the points separated with red.


The colors white and blue allude to the Command’s NATO support assignment, as they are the colors of the NATO flag.

The four gold points in the center, arranged like four spearheads in a defensive position, represent the four nations in which units of SASCOM are serving and further symbolize the cooperative defense concept of the NATO union.

The colors red and yellow refer to the branch colors of both Artillery (conventional and missiles) and Ordnance units which comprise the Command.

The white ring, simulating a cloud, with the jagged red hole through it alludes to the accuracy of high trajectory ordnance (artillery and missiles).


The shoulder sleeve insignia of the Special Ammunition Support Command was approved on 29 March 1968. It was amended to change the description and symbolism on 16 April 1968.

The Insignia was rescinded on 1 June 1988. (TIOH Dwg.

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