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Patch, USAF SAC Strategic Air Command

Patch, USAF SAC Strategic Air Command

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Insignia of the USAF Strategic Air Command

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Made in USA

United States Air Force Strategic Air Command

Criteria: Embroidered shield shape patch of the Strategic Air Command, insignia to be wear on military uniforms

This U.S. Air Force Strategic Air Command patch is a regulation, full color, embroidered military patch.

This patch would be a great gift idea and a wonderful addition to your patch collection.

The Strategic Air Command  was created on March 21, 1946 through a redesignation of the Continental Air Command.

A new insignia was quickly created simply by putting a tab over the Army Air Force Patch then in use.

On January 4, 1951, SAC officially adopted it's famous insignia: The shield shape defines the overall mission - defense.

It was later used by all of SAC wings. The blue sky represents the area of operations.

Officially, the arm and armor are symbols of strength, power and loyalty, but many feel that it represents SAC's ability to deliver a really powerful blow.

The olive branch is symbolic of protecting peace. The design was the result of a SAC-wide contest. 

The winning submission was designed by Staff Sergeant Robert T. Barnes of the 92nd Bombardment Wing.

This patch came into use in 1951. Two years later, the "Strategic Air Command" motto scroll was added

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