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Telephone Set TA-954/TT

Telephone Set TA-954/TT

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TA-954 / TT No Secure Voice US Telephone.

Condition: Used, like new

The TA-954/TT No Secure Voice Digital Field Telephone Terminal is a four-wire terminal that transmits and receives conditioned biphasic modulated digitized voice and loop signaling information at 16 or 32 kbps.

The telephone terminal has a 16-key keypad, as well as volume controls for reception and ringtone, an indicator light for incoming calls.

It includes built-in protection against electromagnetic pulses.

The microphone element is activated when the handset is removed from the charger.

The Push-To-Net radio interface switch is only pressed to operate the C-6709.

The non-secure voice terminal provides a digital communication interface with TRI-TAC (Tri-Service Tactical Communications) and MSE (Mobile Subscriber Equipment) line switches.

  • TM: 11-5805-735-12
  • P/N: 23400-502
  • NSN: 5805-01-159-9691
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