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Cammenga Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass

Cammenga Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass

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US Army H3 Compass.

Item condition: New

Made in USA

The Camenga Model 3H Tritium Lensatic Compass is built to the exacting Army Specification MIL-PRF-10436N.

Water, sand resistant and functional from -50o F to +150o F.

The Seven Tritium Micro Lights enable navigation in low light without the need for a flashlight or other light source.

Tritium Micro Lights stay bright for over 12 years.

The H-3 compass is equipped with a magnifying lens, sight wire and dials in both degrees and mils to ensure accurate readings.

The Copper Induction Damping System slows the magnet's rotation without the use of liquids.

The Cammenga Compass is used by the military, government agencies, and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.


  • Aluminum frame and waterproof case
  • Luminosity: Tritium
  • Jewel Storage: Sapphire
  • Rotating Bezel: Bidirectional
  • Air conditioning capacity: -50 F to +150 F
  • Frame Materials: Cast Aluminum
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Expected light output: 10 years
  • Accuracy: +/- 20 mils
  • Readings: degrees & mils
  • Housing: aluminum
  • Dampening method: induction
  • Carrying case: LC-1 with belt clip
  • Colour: Olive Drab
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