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US Army Insect Arthropod Lotion

US Army Insect Arthropod Lotion

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Insect repellent for skin application

Very effective insect repellent lotion, manufactured by 3M.

The lotion provides 95% protection against mosquitoes for at least 12 hours.

Also protects against stable flies, stable flies, deer flies and ticks.

Very suitable for use in tropical areas.

Caution! Safety notice and instructions for use:

For external use only, may cause eye burns.

Do not use on mouth and eyes.

Do not use on wounds, cuts or irritated skin. Wash hands thoroughly after using the lotion.

Harmless on nylon-cotton or wool fabric.

  • Active ingredient: 31.58% DEET, diethyltoluamide
  • Content: approx. 56 g
  • Total Weight: Approx. 76g
  • Tube dimensions: 105 mm high
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