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AT-271A/PRC Antenna

AT-271A/PRC Antenna

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Foldable antenna for squad radios

Made in USA

Description: The AT-271/PRC Antenna construction is the same as is used for sectional fishing poles.

Each of the 7 hollow tubular antenna metal sections has a plug one one end and a socket on the other end.

All the sections are connected by a string made of either a cloth or metal cord.

At the bottom of the base element there's a spring inside the tube to tension the cord.

This way all the elements are kept in order when they are disconnected from each other and are held together when assembled into a 113.5" (2.88 meter) meter long antenna.

When an 8" long base is added the overall length is 121.5" (3.09 meters).

When disassembled the package is only 17 inches long. 7 sections times 17 inches is 119 inches, but the plug ends go into the socket ends so the overall length is shorter than 119".

The AB-591 Antenna Base has a male 3/8-24 thread which is the same as is used on most ham radio and CB antennas.

The base also has a center pin that actuates the antenna switch in the PRC-25 or PRC-77 radio to switch from the BNC 50 Ohm output to the whip antenna.

  • Total length: 288cm (10.5ft).
  • Frequency range: 30-79MHz.
  • Thread: 3/8-24
  • NSN: 5985-00-646-2365.
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