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Radio, AN/PRC-77

Radio, AN/PRC-77

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Made in USA

RT-841, SE-227, PRC-77 Radio

The AN/PRC-77 "Army/Navy, Portable, Radio, Communication" is a portable, battery-powered VHF-FM transceiver.

Description: The PRC-77 is used for short-range voice communication.

The AN/PRC-77 tactical radio set was put into service by the US military in 1968 during the Vietnam War as the successor to the PRC-25.

It differs from its predecessor mainly in that its final power amplifier stage consists of solid-state components (fully transistorized) rather than vacuum tubes.

The PRC-77 can also be used with voice encryption devices.

These include the TSEC/KY-38 NESTOR equipment used in Vietnam and the later KY-57 VINSON COMSEC equipment.

Technical characteristics:

  • 920 channels adjustable in 50 kHz steps over two bands.
  • Frequency range: 30.00 to 75.95MHz.
  • Depending on the conditions, the range of the 77 is about 8 km. Power output: 1.5 to 2.0 watts.
  • Weight: 13.75lb (6.2kg)
  • Material: Metal, aluminum case
  • Size: Length: 28cm, Width: 10cm, Height: 28cm
  • NSN: 5820-00-930-3725.
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